Trivia Packs!

Like a lot of people, I experimented a bit in university. Unfortunately, I fell in with the wrong crowd, and got hooked on trivia. I mainly write Quizbowl, though I might throw in a bit of Consensus, or whatever else takes me (click to expand).

Title Format Category Difficulty Notes Download Link
I Promise It's Easier This Time Quizbowl Trashademic Medium Difficulty My first solo pack (mostly, anyways, I had one guest question). I think it's one of my stronger ones, I'm proud of quite a few of the questions in here. Download PDF
Oops! All Numbers! Quizbowl Trashademic Medium Difficulty All the tossups in this one are numbers. It's not one of my finest packs, but it has a couple good ones in there. Download PDF
Straight Up Trash Quizbowl Trash Easy Difficulty My first inarguably pure trash pack, written in conjunction with Straight Up Academic. It's an easier one, I wouldn't expect most questions would need to be fully read before they're correctly answered. Download PDF
As Academic As I Can Possibly Be Quizbowl Academic Medium Difficulty My first purely academic pack! Download PDF


I'm aware these aren't particularly good. But, more than anything, writing is something I love doing, and being able to share it is very motivating. I'm more than happy to fail out loud.